Monday, July 11, 2005

This is why Labour have lost all credibility and National will be able to cut taxes.

An unbelievable, useless, waste of time and money. Imagine the meetings, flunkies, briefings and other shit gathered around this project.

To think I pay 39 cents in the dollar for this crap.

Ironically the kids know it 'neway' - they don't need an overindulged useless group of sods in Wellington to interpret it fo' them.

Gotta be a Smarmy one special.

(Hat Tip: No Turning Left)

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MikeE said...

oooo.... I have someone quoting my rant.... sweet.

Its great to know that the government sanctions me calling someone "morange" but for me to use anything other than the typical PC bullshit terms I'm being defammatory, unPC or some other crap....

Horay for socialism!