Sunday, July 24, 2005

Incredible Spin From State TV

WTF is going on at State TV. Judy Bailey the 'mom of the nation' and grossly overpaid autocue reader is according to senior sources at TVNZ in the box seat for her contract negotiations. I might add, these negotiations have not yet started!

The clowns quote her being ahead on popularity in focus if that matters more than a jot.

Hasn't the collapse of the Holmes following when he moved to Prime (as measured by audience) proved that TV One's audience sticks because of inertia and habit. This is their big chance to get the salary to reflect worth.

It smells to me like the wimps at TVNZ and the Smarmy one are preparing us for either a rollover or extended term. Why else would we have the CEO and deputy Chairman quoted?

The sooner State TV is flogged off the better. Commercial shareholders wouldn't stand for this - and certainly Management would not need to trail their negotiation through the general media.

They all look like a bunch of dorks.

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