Friday, July 08, 2005

London Bombings

The reported casualty figures are either massively fortuitous or we have way worse to come.

Knowing the area well and these railway stations intimately it is staggering to think that the numbers are so low.

Seems hospitalised casualties are confirmed at 180-odd with 20 critical/serious. There is a God and he ain't a moslem.

Maybe this is the tipping point where the west finally resolve to unite in the war on the Islamofascists. It will be too trite for words to suggest that the reasons for the attacks are because Blair and Bush are on the same patch. Putin, Schroeder and Chirac need to come on board and quick.

What will become known shortly is the perpetrators did not arrive in Central London this morning on the Piccadilly Line from Heathrow - having taken the red-eye from Jeddah. These evil people will have been in country for sometime. Likely on welfare payments from their council being fired up by their local Mullah.

Closer to home, we should be more circumspect about who we let in and for how long.

The caravan surrounding Zoui should be dismantled and forced to decamp. He should be sent back to whence he came - Malaysia I think, was where he departed for NZ on his second to last flight (his last being the trip back to KL) . Let them worry about him. His wife and kids are there waiting anyway.

Swain just needs to say, "Too Big a Risk", we're not sure who you are and send him packing. Tomorrow would be a good day. If they can deal wih Peron on the basis of incomplete documentation, they can surely deal with a known security risk, who had no documentation ("I ate my passport officer") but on investigation has form in islamofascist circles. Just need some cojones Paul. Do it.

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