Friday, July 08, 2005

The Finger is Pointing at North African Muslim Terror Groups

Steven Emerson of Counter Terrorism on MSNBC on the London Attacks said:

"Increasingly it's looking as, a British intelligence official told me this morning, like ‘Our North African boys’, meaning some of the North African type of militant Muslim groups."

"...There is an interconnected network of Algerians, of Moroccans, of Saudis operating throughout Europe and it certainly coincides with the opening of the trial of Abu Hamza al-Masri who is a radical Islamic cleric in London..."

British police have asked European counterparts for information about Moroccan national Mohamed Guerbouzi (a.k.a. Abu Aissa)- an influential military commander with the Al-Qaida-affiliated Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group (MICG). If correct, this could prove to be a major development in the London bombings investigation. Guerbouzi is a longtime resident of London who, according to credible sources, met while in the United Kingdom with another infamous Moroccan terrorist suspect - Jamal Zougam (Hat Tip:Evan Kohlman)

The connection with Algeria suggests New Zealand officials should (re)look closely at the credentials of Muslim Terror group member, Algerian, Ahmed Zoui.

Safety first - Kick him out.

Many will say Why?

Well here's why.

Evan Kohlman again, points to this blood-boiling story about Guerbouzi in The UK Mirror, detailing how he's been living comfortably in a flat just blocks from Downing Street with his wife and six kids despite being accused of playing a key role in the Madrid atrocity, as well as a dozen suicide bombings in Casablanca last May which left 33 dead.

That's why - these guys live amongst us then spurn the hands that feed them.

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