Saturday, July 02, 2005

I have been blogging on the Zimbabwe Tour for a while now. Political commentators of all hues are now catching on that Phil Goff has joined this debate very late and his and Labour's interest is entirely self serving. They believe the Tour will get them good headlines at home and in that regard a quick solution is not a preference.

What is clear is that NZ Cricket are pretty much powerless - whatever (in)action they take will transfer money to Mugabe and Zimbabwe Cricket, from New Zealand.

The ICC is now in the control of former Brtitish colonies who are relishing the chance to stick it up the whitey's, and probably also worried that giving in on Zimbabwe will also link human rights to a cricket test series near them soon, if allowed to flourish. Sad but true.

The action has to aimed at countries who can change Mugabe - there are few - South Africa is the only real choice.

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