Friday, July 01, 2005

Just listened to the Zimbabwe Ambassador on Morning Report trying to justify the destruction of houses, families and lives in Zimbabwe. She was a stark raving nutter, shrieking over Sean Plunket. She claims "Operation Cleanup" has been long planned and in any event is way less extensive than that done in other African countries. Cold comfort I suggest to the newly homeless, and hardly good grounds for justification.

Goff should start his diplomatic offensive by sending her home. Goff now on and criticising her (just listened to 8 minutes of diatribe and propoganda...) and the Zimbabwe Government - If there is any equity in the NZ Government's strategy their focus has to shift to directly onto the Zimbabwe Government (like send the Ambassador home today) and onto the Zimbabwe Government's support structure, starting with South Africa. If Mbeki pulls out support Mugabe will fold. Simple as that.

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