Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Herald shows Cullen and Clark to be the most cynical, contemptuous and desperate politicians we have ever had.

The editorial in today's Herald has outlined the hypocrisy and desperation evident in the Labour bribe to Students, and Parents and Grandparents of Students.

Two months ago, New Zealanders were told by Cullen that notwithstanding a higher-than-expected surplus of $7.4 billion, economic circumstance gave no room for across-the-board tax cuts and the like... "The message of Budget 2005," he said "is that such large one-off packages will be rare over the foreseeable future unless accompanied by expenditure cuts or efficiency gains elsewhere within the state sector."

Two months later Cullen, Clark and the Duck launch a smirking, gleeful bomb on an unsuspecting electorate.

The Herald's best line - "yet only the cynical, the irresponsible and the scornful could contemplate a policy so out of tune with six worthy years of fiscal rectitude"

This a true case of 'gone by lunch time' - let's hope so.

Cullen, the Duck and Clark have been shown to be the most venal, craven and self driven set of politicians we have ever had the misfortune to endure.

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