Friday, July 01, 2005

The British Lions media management is beyond a joke - labelled today by Graham Henry - a load of crap.

The campaign on Tana Umaga is now obviously a 'get Tana' strategy. The incident was reviewed by an independent commissioner and no case was found - end of story. ergo, Tana has nothing to apologise or feel remorseful for. If it really was the tackle then why isn't Mealamu not being singled out?

The real villain was a British Lion - Grewcock sent home for BITING. Now that is a cowardly act. Ask Mealamu whether the biter has apologised to him?

This is what happens with a team that cannot produce the goods on the field and they have the world's greatest spin doctor on the staff.

The really funny bit - the poms have not realised that New Zealander's don't give a shit, leaving the response to be made on the field, in spades.

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