Thursday, July 28, 2005

Labour's Debt Calculator is Wrong

DPF and National's Bill English have spent time working with Labour's debt calculator and cannot get the results to reconcile with either IRD's calculator or the Retirement Commissioner's calculator. As you might guess Labour's results are widely short of the IRD's. Labour seem to have skewed the results to show a very rosy picture....

DPF has also published spreadsheets that expose the fallacious data Labour are spitting out.

This is scandalous - the more so because newspapers accepted Labour's publicity release on the Fees Bribe without question - as I blogged earlier, here, here and here.

One News in their mid evening update/promo have just trailed - Labour's debt calculator for students has mistakes raising major questions on credibility for Labour.

te hee we are getting traction!

Duck admits their (Labour) calculator has a glitch...........

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