Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Herald suckered by Labour - exposed by NBR.

A simply appalling piece of journalism in the Herald is fisked by the NBR. Goldie (the star turn in a Herald article highlighting Labour's $300M election bribe on student loans) is actually the Labour Man on campus at Auckland Uni. No mention whatsoever by the Labour spin doctor, sorry Herald reporter Ainsley Thomson, of Goldie's red connections.

It was either breathtakingly irresponsible of the Herald to make no independent checks of a story (and the relevant numbers) placed by Clark's spin doctors or the most craven piece of left wing luvving at the Herald since, since, ... well, since John Armstrong wrote a story.

Even the most ignorant journalist should have had their bs antenna up and twinkling when it was alleged Goldie (in year 3 of a 4 year BSc - normally not an expensive degree) would save $80,000 under labour....puhlease.

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Cathy Odgers said...

This guy is so arrogant he thinks he already HAS a job at University before he has finished his degree.

Please explain the rationale to this and where this guy could possibly be employed given his degree, outside the University system.

Labour I tell you, use to be the working class - now just for the University class. Safe secure employment for their friends all round.