Thursday, July 07, 2005

I blogged earlier in the week that Zimbabwe was proving to be a test of political integrity and clear thinking. The announcement yesterday the Government was doing nothing to stop the Tour of Zimbabwe but would stop the tour by Zimbabwe reveals the venal and self serving behaviour of Labour - Clark and Goff in particular, with chirps from the boundary by Anderton.

I think the decision not to interfere was the right one. My concern is the political gadflies joining the debate late, with huge pink scales on their eyes. National joined the debate late as well, made a couple of foolish statements then wisely shot through and focussed on helping baby boomleters.

India is joining the same tournament as the Black Caps. The sporting curfew option is not getting global traction.

As I said before - where is the UN in this horrible situation in Zimbabwe? When is our own Teletubby, Booboo presenting NZ's case for direct action against Zimbabwe to the General Assembly? Surely she can add that to the other forlorn cause she generates air miles with - global disarmament (Aside: NZ's unilateral action to efffectively disarm itself (F16's etc) has not exactly started a global revolution...)

Today's NZ Herald editorial strongly criticises the Government for its red herrings and (basically dishonest) rhetoric. While NZ Cricket gets a serve as well, the big gun is trained on Goff and Co.

Labour thought there was mileage in Zimbabwe and sport - completely forgetting the dodgy human rights situation in many countries H1 has cuddled up to - Pakistan (H1 hosted the President a week or two ago) and China (her current new best friend), whose human and civil rights records bears no scrutiny, come quickly to mind.

Jordan Carter's and Michael Bargolias's contributions stank (if you will pardon the malaproprism, Bertrand).

The other interesting thing about all this is the old warhorses that have taken a feed of molasses and barley and resurrected old evils - John Minto (who I thought had died of his wounds) resurfaces to come out against the Cricketers - where has he been in the past five years while white farmers have been murdered and forced out of their properties? These people have no shame.

Watching clips of black Zimbabwe cricketers bowling against NZ on TV last night showed how stupid and sad the Government's plan is - why stop them coming here? They are not playing in cammo fatigues - we should give them an opportunity to make a statement against Mugabe. Let them earn some money away from Mugabe and his lunatics.

Finally, Goff and Co have not been honest about the uselessness of their rhetoric - the ICC is controlled by people who will enjoy sticking one up the old order of the Commonwealth/Empire. Hectoring them was never an option - Snedden knows this - and I'll bet so did (I am a friend of Martin)Anderton and Co.

Multilateral action at government level is the only option to rein in Mugabe. It won't be easy and the headlines will be few and far. That's what Foreign Affairs is all about.

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