Monday, September 12, 2005

Who The hell is Jonathan Pontell?

And does anyone care?

I sat bemusedly listening to Jonathan Pontell rave on Ninetonoon. Then I got rapidly bored. Apparently someone has tried to link him to the National Party - who have said of him - He is not working for the National Party and anyway we think he is probably a hoaxer.

Pontell raved in faux legalese and faux PR speak about how important his name is (if that were so, I doubt he would successfully pitch for National's business given his prior contacts with The Guardian and The Independent on Sunday).

His rants seemed to be that he could not say who he was consulting for but in any event his professionalism meant that he would stick by any non disclosure agreement he signed. I suspect he is working for no-one but himself.

He was either a very cunning Labour stooge or angrily deluded. I suspect the latter.

My take on this - Pontell seems to have a following in other countries with the 'Generation Jones' demographic he claims to have identified. Pontell and National somehow got talking. He has a brand and an idea afterall. I suspect Pontell made the running, but it came to nothing.

Despite it coming to nothing - National to protect itself from exactly what Pontell is doing now, required Pontell to sign a non disclosure agreement - ensuring there is a firebreak between Pontell and National.

Pontell seems especially pained that he was labelled a hoaxter (sic) and that an article in The Press over the weekend (I cannot find said article online) casts aspersions on his legitimacy to founding Generation Jones by quoting Pontell's claims in "quotes".

Stranger and stranger.

Hell hath no fury like a broadcaster spurned?

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