Friday, September 09, 2005

Brownlee Staunch on Nine to Noon

National's Gerry Brownlee got under Linda Clark's skin this morning on Nine to Noon where she tried carry the attack on the Brethren leaflets. She tried to ask that Brash's handling of the issue somehow raises questions about his ability to be PM...

Brownlee managed to divert the point of attack onto Helen Clark - "If the subject is lying, [was his nicely taken entre], we should talk about her performance since the campaign began, 5 police convicted of criminal charges, air nz pilots suspended, etc etc "(and he also got a serve or two onto Radio Labour Party for good measure, which got a great rise!)

One can't help thinking this is a media beat-up and Jack and Jill voter are unimpressed by Labour's antics.

As I got out my car Mike Williams was trying to ressurrect the Brethren story but Linda Clark was over it - he got a serve as well.


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