Friday, September 02, 2005

More Breathtaking Hypocrisy From Labour

Labour under the weird guise of their law and order policy has released their attack chihuahua Rick Barker to snarl that the rules on Civil Servants standing for Parliament need 'tweaking'.

As I said breathtaking hypocrisy. Labour in a none too subtle slant at the now Maori party's Amokura Panoho and National's Tim Groser seems to forget that the Labour ranks are full of former civil servants. Most notable perhaps being Parekura Horomia a senior Civil Servant who retained his job until the last possible moment.

While we are about it; the tweaking should include all officials in public office including trade unions - that would include vaste swathes of the Labour ranks - Starting with Barker himself, includes Duck Mallard, Pettis I think ....

Labour should take note of what Brash did - immediately resigned.

I think Groser immediately gave notice and sought advice because his particular role was of strategic importance to New Zealand and the other countries he was reprsenting in his wider Ambassadorship on that committee. Of course that does not matter to Labour - they will always go first with the bash.

I think I am right in saying that every one of the Labour MP's (and their wannabe's like Michael Wood-Bargolias) has only ever been on the public tit or trade union bottle. Teachers, lecturers, union officials, parliamentary researchers etc.

They have never had to write a payroll cheque, or more importantly worry where the funds for the payroll were coming from, as the cheques were written.

Finally, the statement of financial position of Labour's lot is worrying for its lack of disclosures - the bastards own bugger all and have precious little to show in an economic sense. Why anyone trusts them with the public purse (and to make investment decisions, Air NZ? On-Track? Kiwibank?...) heaven only knows.

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