Sunday, September 04, 2005

Momentum is With National

Tonight's One News poll has National at 46% and Labour at 38%

TV's Sainsbury could only suggest it was "Race" because of the gaffs, BRT emails etc. on the trail this week. Boy oh boy the MSM is struggling.

What about suggesting the reasons momentum is building for National - "Whatever it is we don't want another minute of her".

The electorate is in "Go Helen Go - and don't come back" mode.

Sainsbury did note in his postscript that the electorate don't have to see Don Brash as a seasoned politician. They like what they see and they see things differently from the media...

Too Right we do.

More convinced now a landslide is coming on.

Update: David Farrar has the detailed poll
Interestingly - the poll is partly before National's treaty policy announcement - stick that in your pipe Sainsbury - and prior to Clark stiffing an Air NZ pilot for voicing an (seems correct now) opinion

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