Sunday, September 04, 2005

Labour Losing the Battles of the Malls

Last week we had Michael Wood-Bargolias moaning that he made no impact at Pakuranga Mall because Williamson and a whole lot of Nats were meeting there.

Today I read a great blog at Aaron's about National in West Auckland out pointing Clark and her red tide at another Westfield Mall. As usual Clark uses her praetorian guard (DPS) to attempt to have the interlopers removed from the Mall. So much for freedom of speech. In a cunning execution the Nat supporters agreed to stop giving out leaflets (Labour carried on) but formed in the van (ahead) of the Clark mob asking for a National Party vote and letting the mall goers know that Cunliffe and Clark were trying to get them silenced and removed.

Clark now knows the electorate in general has grown sick of her imperiousness - I feel a landslide coming on.

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