Thursday, September 01, 2005

Leaked email proves Hypocrisy of Labour Leadership

The so called scandal with ancient emails between National and ACT is a non-issue.

What needs visibility is the lengths the Union movement are working in concert with Labour in this election.

Rodney Hide has an email from the Public Service Association exhorting their membership to join the cause and stuff envelopes for Labour.

The organisation even has a name - Labour Letters Factory.

This makes the excoriating cries from Clark about a secret hard right agenda sound pathetic. She is the one with the secret agenda and a secret army - funded unwittingly by the workers.

Follow Cathy Odgers suggestions... I'll refund the cost of the Hell pizza's if you send photo's of the intercept.

Another idea - if in WLG put a looped fax through the office fax with a Hell order - fax it to (04) 917 2051

Herewith the whole email.

From: Michael Gibbs (

The Labour Letters Factory is nearly all done.

Only 45,000 letters remain (about 3 hours work with a full room of volunteers).

If you can spare a couple of hours tonight that would be great.

Remember this is an ambitious, never-been-done-before, project to get the 600,000 New Zealanders who did not vote at the last election to turn out in two weeks time as if their life depended on it (because it does!).

Where: St John’s Conference Centre, cnr Willis St and MacDonald Crescent
When: until we’re finished (probably around 8pm)
What’s the perks: Hell pizzas, wine/beer/etc, a Labour-led government on the
18 September

Michael Gibbs
Media Advisor
Public Service Association | Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi
phone: (04) 917 2066 or (027) 277 8136 fax: (04) 917 2051
PO Box 3817, Wellington

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