Wednesday, September 07, 2005

TV One Continue the Smear on the Exclusive Brethren and National

Not content with the explanantions from the men behind the pamphlets that it was their own initiative and not a church initiative, TV journo Robyn Janes continued to describe the project as from a "secretive church" and that "the smear was set to continue".

How can it be secretive when the men concerned cheerfully appear on national TV and publish their names and addresses on the pamphlets.

That appallingly subjective journalism was capped by old file footage of Key allegedly meeting two Brethren one day when out campaigning. Whoooo! Big effing deal. Then the piece was tied to the evil one spouting about an "extreme right wing organisation" being behind the pamphlets. What the press conference showed was a group of normal looking gents saying they were concerned with what Labour was doing to the country and felt concerned enough about it to tell it like it is. Seems that is now a crime.

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Ryan said...

When you add this 'sensationalism' with the Fran Mold lead on One News the night before, you can see that TVNZ are showing clear bias in my opinion.

Fairness, Objectivity, Balance and other BSA requirements are going out the window.