Thursday, September 08, 2005

How Can the Brethren be a Secret Sect When they Front the Cameras for National TV?

This is getting too sad for words. Clark says of the Brethren:

"They put a name on a leaflet and made it look like an ordinary citizen."

Yup, well they are - ordinary citizens. So they attend the same church - Has Clark become so Stalinist that attending the same church is an unlawful assembly? Is a group with similar views (not unusual in a church) not allowed to hold and publish the view Labour have got to go?

I am more interested in hearing Labour refute the comments in the pamphlets - seems the real problem is Labour don't like the message in the pamphlet and are using the Electoral Act to restrain it. ie Dry it up on the funding side - that is a gross abuse of freedom of speech.

Still Labour have form on that front - tax payer paid political advertising only allowed; Pete (Tugger) Hodgson and the mob stiffing protestors at Otago campus meetings; etc.


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Whaleoil said...

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Anonymous said...

it seems EB did consult, dont spose Hulun or Fitz will be asked for comment.