Friday, September 02, 2005

Labour Proves No Understanding of Benefits of Competition
In her rants about ACC Clark says there is a secret agenda at the Insurance Council that will see workers compensation (ed:Oh dear such emotion laden terms, workers, compensation ??) privatised and she wants to know what the insurance companies gain and the workers lose.

Well she only needs go back to the late 1990's when the ACC was opened up to competition; premiums reduced, work place injuries dropped and employers were incentivised to reduce premiums by reducing the risks in their businesses. What could be simpler than that.

She might also look across the ditch each day where her fabulous? investment in the Koru (as she termed it this morning (many hundred's of millions)) is bleeding as a result of competition - no problem with the product; just pricing is in the hands of consumers not producers ....

Simple shit really Helen.

After ACC was opened up, Labour's ideologic policies axed the competitive organisations and despite trying to introduce the best of the best ideas they nicked off the private sector ACC's premiums outstrip CPI and benefits are cut back - ACC is a monster that cannot get out of its own shadow. Put it up against world's best practice and see how it goes.

Clark is farting against thunder on this one. There was no demand for change last time (outside of the ideologues like Drinker Dyson) and there is none this time. Nanny State outta my life.

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