Thursday, September 08, 2005

Susan Wood was Appalling Tonight

In a disgraceful display Wood hectored and smirked her way into the gutter on Closeup, interviewing Brash this evening. Trying to extract an apology "to the Nation" Wood made a dick of herself (possible?) flogging the wrong issue. Classic Left wing bias. First try to put words in your opponent's mouth. Then thump them because you think that is what they said...

Brash was very civil and smiled through out, He came across as truthful.

When challenged by Woods "you only came on the programme tonight to clear your name" - Brash said "yes I did, because Helen Clark said I lied and I did not lie" Nice riposte.

How Clark gets away with continual lying and dissembling I do not know. Doone, Paintings, Speeding - all lies or half truths. Her 'photo album must be a sight to behold.

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