Sunday, September 04, 2005


Clark after a poor week on the stump has got her mates at the SST to headline a (non) smear on Brash. One week after the debate Clark grizzles to the SST that people in the audience were shouting "no kids lesbo and liar" at Helen Clark.

I dunno about you dear reader but I understand at least two of the statements are true...

In an entirely artless piece of guileful and shameless (ful) sub-editing the SST puts the accusations on Brash's tongue. This is wrong - Brash had nothing to do with any comments from the floor. Anymore than Clark was responsible for the ravings of her own acolytes.

This is trash journalism and Political Editor Helen Bains seems to be 'batting on a 1000' for subjectivity this campaign. Her objectivity has completely disappeared.

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Chron Gen said...

I saw that headline in the SST at the supermarket, somehow though I am subconsciously unwilling to depart with a couple of bucks to buy it. Lousy bloody paper, how long ago was that Don/Helen debate ? And she makes an issue of things now.. C'mon