Monday, October 09, 2006

Universal Condemnation of North Korea

Even the Chinese have condemned the NoKor regime for its nuclear test, Monday. See here for a ready roundup of the major spokes-people around the world.

Very little analysis yet on what next.

In the US
I guess it will assist the GOP in the mid terms in the US. Easy now to link Madeline not very Bright and Slick Willy to the appeasers everywhere who have caved in to islamofascism and the NoKor one finger. That will not run well for the Democrats. At the silly level the mid terms have sunk to with the Democrats reciting instant messaging scripts, this incident will ensure masturgate is now on the back page (if you'll pardon the pun).

Japan will now have to move from a self defence force to a more overt posture and capability. Always thought to have nuclear technology capability they'll now be tempted to get their own deterrent.

China needs to step very carefully as NoKor's greatest (and only) friend their condemnation prior and post the test will need to be followed up with full and genuine international cooperation.

Well Johnnie gets to say he was right in further increasing military spending as planned and announced; in the face of craven opposition from Labour.

New Zealand
Well. We're still sucking our thumbs - hoping someone does something. Winnie's doing nothing - last time he went to Asia something bit him on the arse. "Not going back there".

Defence Minister Goff (as in cough, cough) is busy promising sort of posthumous VC's - doesn't that sicken you to see Goff the Princes Street peacenik try the halo of a genuine good guy like Haane Manahi by association. Where were you when we were looking for more Manahi's for Vietnam Phil? Smoking dope and chanting anti-US slogans. What's changed? You and your lot are still chanting anti-US slogans. Need to wake up boy.

The PM, she is busy with the Speaker plotting how to keep the money she stole to get back into power and give Meg the job she was promised seeing as she made such a pig's ear of the Attorney-Generalship

Yep, Helen - we are indeed living in a benign strategic environment.

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