Monday, October 02, 2006

Peters Poodle Proven

Astute observers of the body politic (hat tips to NewstalkZB and David Farrar) went on a Winnie Hunt today. It did not take long for the master poodle to be revealed in all his hypocritical glory.

In an extraordinary and gleeful find, Peters is revealed in a major speech promulgating the very same policies of One Law for All he so vehemently attacked Dr Brash about last night.

(You will note dear reader Peters uses considerably more vehemence than Don Brash - who has actually been taken out of context)

The key date: 13 Sep 2000
Rt Hon Winston Peters

Winston in a major speech attacked National and Labour on its Treaty of Waitangi approaches the separatist way they were dealing with Maori.

Among the gems:
"Since returning to Government Labour has promoted:

1. Separate Maori representation on the new Health Boards being set up.

2. Legislation before Parliament to set up separate Maori seats on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

3. A separate Treaty of Waitangi reference under the new Employment Relations Bill.

The list goes on."

"One billion dollars of taxpayers' money is being set aside over the next four years for this programme which is based on race - and not the universal needs of all citizens as it should be.

While the rest of the world fights to get rid of racist policies we are taking a giant leap backwards by sneaking them into our laws to the extent they creep into international trade agreements."

"We have ministers like Tariana Turia likening the circumstances of the Taranaki conflict to a Holocaust - and we have former National cabinet ministers trying to make political capital out of her speech."

This is the same Winston who last night tried to connect Dr Brash with Hitler.

"That is why we called the party New Zealand First - because it was for all New Zealanders."

Ho, ho, ho....

The agony for Winston goes on - read it all here or here (if it stays up on the NZ First website)

This just goes to show that Peters is a completely opportunist politician who stands only for himself. Peters, who I am sure has a backbone of candy floss has shown his policy framework is entirely malleable. What a jelly fish.

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