Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hypothesis - Labour Have NO Plan to Pay Back the Stolen Money

A rough timeline
Pre A-G final report
1. Clark's puppy Hodgson said they were not going to pay it back - no matter what the Auditor-General said.

2. Labour will pass legislation making legal what was illegal.

Post A-G report
3. A-G final report says Labour stole $824,000

4. Labour spins it as merely a legal interpretation that their hired guns disagree with (and in the enfilade shoot their own man, who they recently appointed to the Appeal Court, former S-G Terence Arnold).

5. Labour president Williams on the charm offensive with a quick whip around to give the notion Labour are moving quickly to give back the stolen goods found in their possession. This is all baloney - it is aimed to fail and known to fail. Initial public action the torpor is the plan.

6. Dr Cullen spins that Treasury urge immediate enabling legislation and say it is a confidence issue which requires NZ First support and Green's obeisance.

7. I think that once the legislation is passed Labour will have no incentive (or legal need) to pay the money back and they'll hope no-one is looking further - more of their normal arrogance.

Dr Brash should now demand immediate payment like many of the other parties have done. Maori, ACT, National have all paid. There is no argument for Labour and co to delay. Peters First have said they have the money - well pay up then.

Brash should use the late taxpayer penalty argument outlined on this blog and elsewhere as his fulcrum to bend Labour over.

Go for it mate.

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