Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Herald Hounds Hypocritical Hound (poodle)

Good to see the MSM has taken up my challenge - well one National daily anyway.

Today's NZ Herald has covered, well, the hypocrisy of Winston Peters who associated blood-lines with Maoriness in a previous prepared speech.
Mr Peters made repeated references to blood quantum to defend his argument it was time for the Maori seats to go.

Spot the Hypocrite
*Winston Peters in 2006
He compared Dr Brash to other unnamed figures in history "who have similarly used blood purity as a political argument only to lead their people into an abyss of violence and destruction".

* Don Brash
Last month, on Judge Baragwanath: "He also continues to talk as if the Maori remain a distinct indigenous people ... it is also clear there are few, if any fully Maori people left in New Zealand."

* Winston Peters in 2000

"We must end a dual electoral system in which the only qualification to vote is based on race - in some cases as diluted as one part in 512."


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