Sunday, October 15, 2006

Peters at Forefront of North Korea Action

As a poodle doing the bidding of a labrador Winston Peters has announced New Zealand's immediate action on implementing the UN Security Council resolution on NoKor.

This smells as one of the bigger "Yeah Rights" of the week.

From Radio NZ

NZ to move quickly on resolution

The Foreign Minister Winston Peters says New Zealand will move quickly to implement the resolution. Mr Peters says it was adopted under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which all member states, including New Zealand, are obliged to follow

So what's our contribution Winnie? Nothing? Well we have nothing to help with.
Hmmm, thought so.

I guess your colleague the Minister of Disarment has failed this month, but I digress. Good thing you get a chance to have a go. Another meeting with Condy coming up? Too bad you thought her reference to five plus five was a drinking game - but then the spider intervened didn't it.

Back to the UN Resolution; This is a toothless resolution from a toothless, grungy rug that was once the skin of a sloth.

The UN is useless and its uselessness makes the world a more dangerous place if people still think it can make a positive contribution.

Unless and until there is a complete blockade of all shipping in and out of North Korea (by land, sea and air) - with all shipments (in and out) checked for any arms/weapons/systems/parts of systems etc at all, the Resolution and the "unity of the world community" is pointless, worryingly naive and downright dangerous.

Bloody interesting and a little ironic the first act of the new(Korean) UN S-G is to declare a tough resolution against NorKor and his second action might be to declare military action against NorKor under UN auspices (as last time in 1951) when Kim Jong-Il lets off another fire cracker in a week or two and the world's patience runs out....

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