Monday, October 02, 2006

And who was first to compare or discuss the relevance of indigenous Blood?

Yep - Winnie again. Recalling Sep 13, 2000 has been a good day for the VRWC.

Try these for size Winston - straight from YOUR NZ First speech website.

"The fact of the matter is that there WAS a Holocaust in New Zealand in European times and it was visited on the Chatham Islands Moriori by Taranaki Maori.

The peaceful people of this remote part of New Zealand were invaded, enslaved and annihilated. An entire society was wiped out.

The last fullblooded Chatham Islander, Tommy Solomon, died in 1936."

Or more on dilution Winston - remember the speech?

"We must end a dual electoral system in which the only qualification to vote is based on RACE - in some cases as diluted as one part in five hundred and twelve."

Or perhaps you prefer this cut from the speech:

"It has been estimated that over the next forty years or so, up to thirty per cent of the population will have some Maori blood - in many cases only a few drops."

The pain continues Winston...

"Ask yourself, if a claimant is one eighth Maori, does he or she get one eighth of the amount they would have received from the claim if they had been of full Maori blood."

"Or does the seven eighths European part of that person pay?"

Winston is a hypocritical, duplicitous, mendacious bounder.

I challenge the MSM to pick this story of abject hypocrisy up.

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