Saturday, October 21, 2006

Fran O'Sullivan Continues her Excoriation of the Prime Minister

Readers of this blog will recall my admiration for the strong and principled positions Fran O'Sullivan has taken this year in her columns. The run continues today. See here

Almost alone in the MSM O'Sullivan has continued to address the unlawfulness of the Prime Minister and her department in several actions, her set up of the then Commissioner of Police on taking office, the gutlessness of the Police when it comes to Clark, her Ministers and Labour in general, and the other lying and cheating we of the VRWC have vainly tried to expose.

A weird issue has been Clark's latest ploy to demonise criticisers as 'right wing bloggers'

This epithet I proudly wear and the grins gets wider every time Clark utters it - all she is doing is legitimising the excoriation and normalising political blogs.

Even a casual observer will note the bloggers of the VRWC are a rainbow collection with a wide and eclectic range of views. The bloggers of the left are a narrow bunch who spend their days regurgitating ninth floor press releases and spouting Malardisms...sorry lot

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