Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Labour Using Urgency and Lies as Reinforcement for Further Theft

Labour is reported in The Dom Post

It says more than $40 million a year spent by political parties across the board on travel, communications costs and staff for parliamentary business is at risk of being declared unlawful without the legislation.

What a load of garbage - see here with DPF and here for Sir Humphrey's as to why this is a load of tosh. Most parliamentary exoenditure is properly handled and authorised. There is nothing to clarify. Jim Anderton and Matt (whoever) managed to stay within the rules as well as did the Maori Party and National's leadership.

Clark is using the public misgivings about her theft of the money and appearances to fix it up to ram through wide ranging legiaslation to provide cover for a much wider transfer of wealth from the Treasury to Labour.

I am hoping Act and National strategists and legal beagles are up to spotting the fraud and and making a meal of Clark, Cullen and Peters when the draft legislation hits the floor of the House.

Note her mention of tagged accounts in the Dom Post - well the 2005/2006 accounts are not yet out and I doubt they are with the Auditor- General - in that circumstance there is nothing to fix. THEY ARE NOT TAGGED.

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