Thursday, October 19, 2006

Online Petition to Governor-General to Refuse Royal Assent to the Clark Theft Bill

Blair Mulholland's online petition to the G-G seeking his refusal to sign into law Clark's Bill legalising her theft of public money to support her corrupt regime through last year's election campaign is going gang busters. Tonight the total is 16,664 signatures.

Sign up here

Miss Clark's misery continues - she thought she could square this little problem away by a simple law change and the issue would be gone by lunchtime. This time the problem is not going away - compounding six years of conceit, arrogance, dissembling, sophistry, and mendacious argument has meant her time is up. There is no way back

It will be hard for Clark to argue that there are 16,664 right wing bloggers plaguing her. This is the rank and file making their heart felt opinion heard.

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