Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Apogee of Clark's Nanny State?

In an extraordinary step it would appear Clark's Corrupt regime are going to emulate the very best of state run governments and completely takeover the manufacture and distribution of tobacco and tobacco products. Reported in today's NZ Herald. This looks like the worst of something Stalin or Kim Jong-Il would dream up.

What is the difference between a private sector company selling the products and the state; if the alleged problem is the potency and poison of the product why allow it to be sold by anyone? Do you really believe the packaging is the problem? the marketing? The problem is it is addictive. If you really want to prevent consumption ban it. This smacks of mummy knows best...

Personally I hate the products and the companies that market and sell them. The quicker they go out of business the better. They are however legitimate businesses working in a highly regulated environment.

The signal Clark sends to the business community is the real problem.

So far this election cycle she has removed long standing property rights from

Carbon Credits

After her first election she nationalised ACC and destroyed private insurers
Her xenophobia meant Air New Zealand was not able to take on additional capital from Singapore Airlines to buy Ansett - instead Air NZ tried to go it alone and needed a government bailout of $885 Million.

Now she and her mediocre ministers are trying to stiff the consumer with a cosy deal between Air New Zealand and Qantas.

The Clark regime is a meddling, mendacious mob.

International businesses should be afraid - very afraid.

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