Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Treasury Tells Truth

In a remarkable report which Minister of Finance Cullen tried to (bury) release at a dead news time Treasury confirmed its recommendations to the incoming government were:

  • Reduce top tax rates for individuals and companies as the high marginal rates were a "disincentive to individuals making the most of their talents and opportunities"
  • Reduce company tax rates as high rates were a disincentive for companies to invest
  • Reduce Government spending
  • Reducing tax will have the most impact on increasing growth
Now we have every party in Parliament except Labia wanting tax cuts - supported by the Governments foremost advisers.

Cullen angrily attacked Treasury for making policy on ideological grounds. At least Treasury have an ideology and want a better New Zealand. All Labia want is to remain in power.

Watch for more attacks on the Treasury.

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