Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The 1000 extra cops is b.s.

Aaron B
has a good post on the (non)deal Winston First has with Labour for an extra 1000, frontline cops. Aaron points out that the deal is not complete and the Police Ministry has said that there is no agreement on the roles or rank of the extra Police. In fact that is a matter for next year's budget.

What is not said in Aaron's post is this. If the frontline increases by 1000 there will need to be probably an extra 300-400 police in the heirarchy to manage that increase. eg Training, additional supervisors, Sergeants, administration, IT support, cars etc.

There is no way Cullen will agree to that. There is no way the Police unions will agree to the additional 1000 staff without commensurate increases in operational and administrational overhead. Culen knows there is a long tail with a personnel increase like this - that is why he has run the force down by underfunding it.

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