Saturday, November 05, 2005

Our Left Wing Media is a Disgrace

I think the racial tension in France is big news. And big because it has the potential to spread like wildfire across Europe, fanned by muslim fanatics stoking the fires of jealousy, envy and theo-purity with a very large bunch of grumpy me-toos who have been ignored by successive governments, hoping there'll be a solution sometime.

You have to blog your way to the front. The MSM is pathetic and self serving of their Leftie and aChristian ideals. If it was not for the blogospehere these riots would not get the coverage of a teenage post party bust-up on the North Shore with the Police.

Looking at blogs commenting on the Race Riots in Paris I came across this blog reporting on an article reported in The Times.

Hat tip: Buckhorn Road.

Looking further Chefen carried it as well - highlighting a different piece.

According to one report (in The Times) , a disabled woman was doused in petrol and set alight when she was unable to escape a bus under attack in the northern suburb of Sevran. She was rescued by the driver and is being treated for severe burns.

These thugs doused a disabled woman in petrol and set her on fire! That should lead every news item for a day. Instead I hear nothing from the audible media.

Imagine the front page kerfuffle in the New Zealand MSM if this happened in the US?

Remember the lies published unqualified in the aftermath of Katrina - babies raped in the toilets at the Superdome for example. All found later to be unproven.

And while I am on the front page. Is the Aramoana murders 15 years ago the major news of the day, today? Well done Chiquita - but this is not the key issue for the Nation.

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