Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nats Connell is a Dork

I listened to Radio Left Wing this evening (that awful interviewer Mary Wilson) discussing with Rakaia MP Brian Connell his low ranking. What a dork. Isn't he the guy who boasted about throwing the family cat into the (empty) fireplace?

The sadder part of this sad interview was Wilson desperately trying to get Connell to agree that his suggestion "significant" numbers of Nat MPs sympathetic to his plight equalled half or may be three quarters of the National MP's. Connell was having none of that and also was not stupid enough to get caught but he should have terminated the interview early. Connell said he had been demoted for 'speaking out'. He did himself no credit - in fact he reinforced Brash's decision.

He commented that his beef was Brash had warned caucus members against speaking out of turn...and yet he (Brash) showed no leadership by not reining in McCully; for speaking out of turn/place. The irony of Connell's comments was lost on Connell and not picked up by the slow Wilson. ie Connell's demotion was for speaking out, inanely. ie he was off topic and not constructive.

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