Thursday, November 17, 2005

Peters Shafted by Goff

It didn't take long - Goff has shafted Peters on several fronts

  • Leaking the Australian government's incredulity that Peters in a very senior Ministerial role was not in Cabinet (diplomatic speak was "made to look a fool after his predecessor Phil Goff revealed the Australian Government had issued a "please explain" over his role.")
  • Fran O'Sullivan described it as "Mr Goffs open sledging"
  • Goff threw further fat on the fire with comments suggesting Mr Peters did not want to jeopardise his third go as a minister.
  • Goff revealed the extent of the shackles Peters is under and clearly making Winston a Labour clone - "Mr Goff said he had explained to Mr Downer that "policy from Winston will be not policies spun off the top of anybody's head but the policy of the Labour-led Government".
  • Goff finished his destruction of the Foreign Minister by assuring the Australian Foreign Minister he would be keeping a "close eye on my former portfolio".

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