Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mendacious Cullen Back At It

Dr Cullen this morning on Radio Left Wing completely avoided answering questions about Labour's student loan bribe. He ducked, weaved and bobbed but did not answer the question that enactment of his bribe would require a $2Billion writedown in the nation's net worth. Cullen has had to reveal the extent of the writedown now. he is trying to slip it past. Key is onto him

Vintage Cullen - the sophistrist, at his dissembling best, tried lamely to say that whatever the cost was it was less than National's tax cuts. Oh God, give me strength - still fighting September's battles are we? Cullen also tried to say that the estimated cost of the loans was in the public arena in late August - well may be - those are the figures he at that time said were pure fantasy...he is a lier and I think this time the electorate will have a memory. What a load of garbage. The writedown is only the first element of this - next up will be a blowout in the accounts as students "Feast" on Cullen's largesse. Remember 'till now 45% of eligible students have not taken up loans. Now they all will - a no cost loan, beauty!

In any event National's tax cuts would have put cash in the hands of producers ie productive units - that's what tax payers are - that would add to productive growth. Instead Cullen's bribe will reward a small sector of the economy.

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