Saturday, November 12, 2005

McCain to Run for the Presidency in 2008

With an uneasy climate for Republicans in Washington Sen John McCain looks to have launched a tilt at the Presidency. As President Bush must retire at the end of this Presidency and with VP Dick Cheney probably too old and anyway now "injured" with the Scooter Libby affair, McCain's timing is interesting. He cannot be accused of being disloyal.

Aiming his attack on failings in Iraq by the Pentagon the decorated airman (incarcerated in North Vietnam as a PoW) has made a strong start. Sen McCain is urging the Pentagon to up the ante in the war - introduce more soldiers and not rotate Generals so quickly. He is saying they need additional resources and committment to do the job properly.

McCain is using a book launch for a nationwide marketing platform - the book he has just co-written "Character is Destiny" - provides the platform for McCain to market himself.

As the Bush Administration is mired in declining support for the war in Iraq, another potential candidate Condy Rice will struggle (as a Bush and Administration insider) to get her own campaign underway.

McCain knows this and has learnt from his 2000 campaign where he was the outsider. With a good reputation among Republicans as "fiscal and foreign policy hawk" he will be hoping to garner the support of the Republican Party.

I think this is not a good development for the Democrats. McCain will have wide appeal. Not least being that he has been there and done that as regards being a 'fighting man'. In contrast to Bush who has always struggled with his record.

A WSJ Poll has McCain narrowly defeating Hillary Clinton 44% to 42% and demolishing John Kerry 53% 35% if the 2008 Presidential elelction was held last Friday.


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McCain will make a good President. Condi would make a great V.P

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