Tuesday, November 01, 2005

PM Implicates Herself in TVNZ Debacle

The PM cannot have it both ways. Yesterday she said the resignation of Ian Fraser was because of a breakdown in communication between Fraser and the Board.

As Fraser's resignation was unilateral and apparently sudden, how could she know? Craig Boyce the Chairman was still to brief to Minister Maharey and had not finished with Fraser at that stage.

The Charter contains no requirement for the Minister of Broadcasting to be briefed on employment matters. If the PM is sure of her statement then her hand is casting a shadow over the Board's independence to govern.

Smarmy One has gone to ground. He can smell the stench of "Problem" from his eyrie in Wellington.

Clark's expedient deal with NZ First and United Future is not a coalition deal - as she is quickly finding out. With the Green's seriously pissed with her and Labour, it won't take much for the numbers to swing a wide-ranging select committee inquiry as Brash has stated.

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