Friday, November 18, 2005

It Just Gets Worse for Peters and his Labour Friends (enemies)

Rather than positive news out of APEC for our shiny (new) Minister it just gets worse - the spin itself is now being revealed in all its (in)glory. Goff and to a lesser extent Peters have shat on the media to such an extent that the media is now left having to protect their own position and line.

Aaron B and David Farrar have covered the issues well from their perspectives.

To Peters' threat to Fran O'Sullivan that "you better have that on tape" - she confirmed - "The Herald has" - ouch.

We are now seeing the Spin Doctors hard at work and it is not a pretty sight. The Herald described Peters' ministerial lapdogs following Condy Rice's photographer asking for any photo ops shots they might have of Condy with Winston and being told "here's the film see if your guy is in it" is not a story about a man on the move or someone who has made an impression at APEC -another ouch.

Goff, Clark and Cullen - all three stooges rubbishing Peter's attempts to re-open dialogue with the US.

Not one of the participants in the debacle has come away with any glory whatsoever. For the three stooges they look like pricks. Peter's will be angry, very angry.

Watch now for Clark to change tack completely and focus on the Rugby World Cup. Already the great book reader is noting the reason for the success was the 'partnership between the Rugby Union and the NZ Government'.

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