Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Reporting Woeful on Nuclear "Threat" in Australia

The MSM's coverage of the apparent targeting of the Lucas Heights reactor has been abysmal. One News last night featured the supposed casing of the plant by muslims since arrested in the terror raids with the only commentary being a comment from some person described as an "Opponent". Her single reported comment was that an explosion would spread radioactive debris from whatanurra to thereanurra. Absolutely no analysis of the level of vulnerability of the plant to an explosive and certainly not to the explosives potentially manufactured with the chemicals and equipment captured ....pathetic and poor reporting.

This morning the NZ Herald had a similar piece - prattling on that the plant was the likely target and it was also subject to a threat by NZ based Muslims during the Sydney Olympics.

Again absolutely no analysis as to the vulnerability of the plant to home made explosive. What security is in place at the plant; levels of alerts? overflights by the RAAF etc.

In 2001 the Operators of the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney increased security following the attacks in the US.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), said the move follows government advice. ANSTO says a report on what would happen if a plane flew into the reactor was compiled in 1997, when a second Sydney airport was being proposed.

The report concluded that the radiation doses to people beyond the buffer zone would be low, but emergency plans are in place.

Would a half decent article have traversed these issues? Apparently the new plant being built at Lucas Heights is designed to withstand a direct hit by an (aimed) Cessa Citation jet. That'll be more energy than the suicide bombers EH Holden car bomb.

As I said poor journalism by a paper that wants to be respected. TV One has no respect anyway.

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