Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is Clark our Most Ingracious PM Ever?

Owen Glenn is a major donor to both labour and the Government - witness the $7.5Million he gave to Auckland University for the Business School

As soon as he is inconvenient Clark drops him like a hot potato then smears him when her own behaviour is in question.

Lord Ashcroft - unbid and only acting out of altruism Lord Ashcroft offers New Zealand a $300,000 reward for the return of the VC's stolen from Waiouru. Clark and her government are grateful that someone shows such concern. The VC's are recovered - Clark basks in the reflected glory, again shamelessly shrouding herself in khaki.

Clark - this week smeared Lord Ashcroft as somehow acting as a money bags to the National Party - following a meeting between Lord Ashcroft Chief of the Conservative Party and John Key Leader of the National party. She makes this smear without a shred of evidence, and only to provide a distraction from her own behaviour.

Whale's diagnosis Clark displays Narcissistic Personality Disorder is being proven every day.

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