Thursday, September 18, 2008

Watch yourself Clark so far 2 policemen have died on your watch

In an extraordinary departure from facts, decency and good taste Helen Clark has told a Grey Power meeting that if National was the Government 60 soldiers would have died in Iraq. What utter fanciful and indecent thinking. She later said it was a "back of the envelope" estimate. Good thing she wasn't in charge at any of the battles of the Somme such is her dispassionate view of the armed forces. Her concern was not for the soldiers but to score extremely nasty and cheap political points. Low politics. Clark also forgets she committed soldiers to Iraq - post invasion.

Australia who did commit forces to Iraq had a KIA count of ZERO.

What we do know is two brave policemen have lost their lives on Clark's watch - blood on hands Helen using your twisted thinking? I think her body count beats the previous administration.

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