Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Owen Glenn is Enjoying Redeeming Himself

"You're going to love this," Mr Glenn told a press conference in Auckland this morning, "he asked me for a job. He said he was a good administrator, he's run his own businesses, he said he was articulate - he's a total subservient," Mr Glenn said.

Oh dear - Williams begging Glenn for a job - hasn't he looked around? It seems to me Glenn's employees are hot, keep good records and are loyal and don't lie. None of these are qualities of Mike Williams.

Clark made an incredibly bad and naive move when she chose to cut off a self made Mill(Bill?)ionaire who had previously supported her to the hilt. It shows the heights her hubrism has reached that she thought she could withstand the likely result of a full frontal attack by she and others on her team on Owen Glenn. Once Cullen, Mallard and Co suggested Glenn was deranged, drunk or deceptive and Clark left him to the dogs, it was game over for Clark and her tawdry lot.

Could she not understand Glenn's discomfiture and misgivings would burst out somewhere? Did she not understand he did not need her at all - particularly now the only bauble left (the Honorary Consulship) was taken away.

Her political management this year has been appalling.

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