Thursday, September 04, 2008

What is Grant Currie Up To.

He has apparently fallen out with Wayne Peters - they have dissolved this year a law partnership lasting 20 years.

However, probably inconveniently for the Peters Bro's, Currie remains a trustee of the Spencer Trust. None of his comments of late have been supportive of the major beneficiary of the Trust - NZ First. He is leaving enough information out there inviting new questions.

There are no bank accounts for the Spencer Trust - all funds were transacted through the firm's trust account.

He has intimated the Spencer Trust work predates 2005 and certainly indicated large donations were channeled through the firm's trust account before that - eg the Vela donations....

See here:

Meanwhile, Mr Peters' lawyer friend Peter Williams, QC, yesterday revealed that the Spencer Trust had received $80,000 from the Vela family and that New Zealand First had handed over records to the SFO.

Mr Williams told Radio New Zealand he "presumed" the Vela money had gone to New Zealand First in amounts under $10,000.

The Spencer Trust was formed only in 2005 so the Vela family's $80,000 is different from the reported $150,000 given to the party between 1999 and 2003.

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