Friday, August 29, 2008

Peter Williams QC freak show on CloseUp

Williams turns up on Close Up tonight because his client Winston Peters won't. In an extraordinary outburst he tries to smear John Key as the reason Peters has had to stand down. Key's principle complaint has been the shambles surrounding the Glenn affair - which is not the reason Peters is up before the SFO. The SFO are investigating the Vela and Jones matters.

I suspect the SFO won't fall for the old lawyer's brow beating - the fraud is not whether the cheques have gone through the accounts of the Spencer Trust - every one with any knowledge of this has already said that's what happened to them. The fraud is if payments were received and available to the intended recipient - that person may not be beneficiaries of the Spencer Trust.

The SFO have seen enough to suspect serious and complex fraud - Williams QC for all his eminence has only been on the case since lunchtime.

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