Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Owen Glenn This Morning on the Nine to Noon re Monaco Consulship

I'll paraphrase the interview as best I can remember. Kathryn Ryan asked Owen Glenn about the Monaco consulship

OG: Yes Winston said he was still actively working on it - "It is my decision and I want to push it through is what he said. I need a letter from you confirming you are continuing to live in Monaco." This is when I (OG) was at Raglan and Winston was on his way to South Africa. I have a witness to that conversation.

OG: "The New Zealand Ambassador to France got hold of me, unannounced, and wanted to visit me in Monaco. Unfortunately the dates did not fit.

She later invited me to visit her in Paris. I went and we had morning tea at the embassy - it was very nice. I asked "why did you want to talk to me? She said - " I am vetting you for the consulship). I asked; Ok what do you think of me - do I pass or words to that effect...."Yes I you seem to be alright."

OG: I asked Helen Clark about it (the honorary consulship) at the same time we discussed the donation when we met in February 2008 at the opening of the Business School. The PM suggested we should let it die down for a while "and not stir the pot".

There is no question this was a clear offer the Owen Glenn by Winston Peters and the PM knew all about it.

More lies and obfuscation.

Audio not up yet.

Update: Audio up now - see here

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