Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parliament Goes Into Urgency - Election Shortly

Peters tonight was appealing over the heads of the Privileges Committee to his constituency - he is in election mode as he realises Clark will have to sack him. That bring the next phase of the plan. They have probably already agreed the script.

Clark and Peters are inextricably joined. They cannot, jointly or severally, expect to govern again unless they stitch together another unholy alliance.

Labour needs the Greens, Maori, Panderton as a minimum to govern (assuming no NZ First). Labour is so low in the polls and has blown any chance of gaining the Maori party vote this time around. She therefore needs a resurgent NZ First - knowing Panderton plus the Greens won't give her sufficient numbers and neither will ever go with National.

Peters's only chance of redemption is to construct a conspiracy and from that platform appeal to his core vote - before the SFO, Police, Electoral Commission deliberate. We saw the crumbling edifice being raised tonight. Peters trying to (re)establish the core tenets of a conspiracy - Fay Richwhite, Russell McVeagh, Winebox etc., it was all on show - Geoff Harley Owen Glenn's lawyer was pro bono (we all know what that means wink, wink) and he, as Fay Richwhite's counsel in the Winebox, was at the core of allegations of witness coaching in that case etc etc.

As usual all froth and no evidence - just a few key words.

We know Winnie has a "stay" until September 30 for the Electoral Commission and Helen will know what the Police are thinking - that leaves the SFO but she also knows they are very slow and deliberate - the kill is their objective not quickly getting on with the hunt.

Therefore a quick campaign and sometime soon is her best of a bad set of choices. She now has her UN credentials burnished - the ET Scam is through and any other legislation dear to her heart is proceeding under urgency as we speak. Only now is the media fully understanding the gravity of the ETScam - it will take a while to coalesce - Clark will determine her only chance is now.

The electorate will be livid when it realises that paying more to turn the lights on, boil an egg or fill the car is not going to change the weather. That they have been scammed in the biggest rort in history.

While some would say she would prefer to wait till November Winnie may be in gaol by then. She needs this sorted now.

Therefore her only chance is to hope the alien fanciers and NZ Firsters get up for 5% and she somehow cobbles together an unholy coalition from the far left.

Trouble is the wheeze from the street is the polls have turned up - for National and Act - Clark doesn't realise how off the hook the electorate is.


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