Thursday, September 11, 2008

We should not be surprised Clark has not moved on Peters

News Clark is still not prepared to sack Peters from his Ministerial position is not news.

The price of Peters stepping aside from his portfolios (Note not his warrant) was Clark would keep him as a Minister up until the election. This deal remains intact and has significant financial benefits to Winnie and NZ First. (Surprise, surprise I hear you say).

As I have said many times - they are joined at the hip. They either hang together or hang together.

I still believe the likelihood of an October election is high. The Clark/Peters axis won't want to have to fight an election with Winston/NZ First facing charges laid by the SFO and a good guess is they have at least a month more investigation to go - methodical they is.

Clark's only chance is a coalition with a Peters party - they each need each other. Sort of like the Kray Twins.

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